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Ceramic Products and Services


Ceramic Lining Solutions offers a wide range of products to our clients to help them run their plants more efficiently preventing unnecessary unplanned costly down time due to excessive wear inside process plants causing breakdowns.

Our main products categories are:
- Epoxy ceramic wear resistant compound to line Conveyor pulleys, tanks etc.
- Epoxy tile adhesive to bond Alumina Ceramic and Silicon Carbide to steel equipment
- Alumina Ceramic Material in various shapes and sizes for lining Pipes Cones Chutes etc. ( Flat, Conical,      Corner Shaped more shapes available)
- Silicon Carbide Materials for lining very high wear areas and impact areas in various Equipment. (Flat,  Corner shaped, more shapes available)
- Basalt lining Material For lining of transfer pipe lines and Tailings lines
- Cyclone replacement parts (See more under Services / Cyclone and Cyclone Circuit refurbishment and  optimization)
- Condition monitoring We are now offering condition monitoring systems to our clients on all our supplied  spares and products. Our condition monitoring system is a market first in the Wear linings industry and will  revolutionize the way our clients plan their maintenance on equipment lined With Alumina and Silicon Carbide  technologies. (also available for rubber lined equipment) - Pipe Repair Kits Emergency Pipe repair bandage kits - General Steel fabrication of pipes chutes and any material handling equipment involved in process plants


We as Ceramic Lining Solutions offer a wide range of services to our clients to help them get a longer lifecycle out of their mining Equipment thus reducing costly downtime and increasing the profitability of our esteemed Customers.
Our Services include but are not limited to:

Customised Engineered Solutions to Wear Problems in Multiple applications utilising Tools Like CAD (Computer Aided Design)

Refurbishment of old worn out Mining Equipment like Pipes, Bends Launders etc. by firstly repairing the Equipment to the original state using various methods, and then Implementing a Custom Ceramic Solution to the original wearing problem which rendered the Equipment unfit for service. A simplified example:

Ceramic Tiling (Tiles) of Mining Equipment Like: Chutes, Launders, Conveyor Pulleys, Feed Tanks, Floatation Cell parts etc. previously lined with Rubber or sometimes no lining at all.

Utilsing Proven Methods

Ceramic Lining (Compound)
of Equipment Like Conveyor Pulleys and launders

Cyclone and Cyclone Circuit refurbishment and optimization: Our Cyclone optimization and Cyclone refurbishment and methods is without doubt market leading solutions to the industry saving our Clients Millions of dollars in unnecessary unplanned downtime. We refurbish and optimize these circuits by the utilization of a combination of materials treating the highest wear areas with Reaction Bonded Silicon Carbide. These areas will most commonly be found inside Cyclones and Cyclone distribution boxes. As part of our optimization program we can proudly now offer a patented monitoring system on all wearing parts. This patented system will for instance now be able to warn your when your Cyclone Spigot Is lets say 5mm away from your Specified run Our clients can then order new spigots upon reacting to the early warning signal ensuring it will be on site and available when the current spigot reaches its full run out diameter and is due for replacement. This will be applicable to all linings and lining material we supply. “Prevention literally has now become the cure”

Another area where we focused a lot in our development is the smooth transition from one component to another especially in the Cones and spigot areas.

Cyclone and Cyclone Circuit refurbishment and optimization: (Continued) We have had Great Success by refurbishing Cyclones and Distributor box outlet nozzles with Reaction Bonded Silicon Carbide

Cyclone and Cyclone Circuit refurbishment and optimization: (Continued) Replacing Botswana boxes on the cyclone feed circuit with 5D Long radius bends has also been forming part of our scope. This solution has multiple benefits which includes less maintenance throughout these circuits. For instance feed pumps work more efficient after the Botswana box has been replaced as these pumps are not pumping material straight into a flat vertical wall of the Botswana boxes anymore. The result is that the impellers on the feed pumps lasts longer due to the optimised flow. Another plus is that the turbulence in the Botswana boxes which causes excessive wear is eradicated ensuring a smooth transition of material flow from a horizontal direction to a Vertical Direction. (See below picture of bend lined with 50mm Alumina Ceramic Pipe tiles)

Condition Monitoring of our installed materials to estimate a probable lifecycle in a specific application empowering our Clients to understand the lifecycle of their mining Equipment better.

Emergency Patch work on site to damaged Equipment and minimum downtime is of crucial value. Emergency Patchwork can extend the lifetime of equipment up to such time, when a scheduled shutdown can take place and a long term solution could be designed. Emergency Patchwork can be done with minimum downtime to the plant.

Fully trained Field service teams which can assist in breakdowns and site specific Ceramic lining work as described above on any equipment that undergo abrasion or impact.
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